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Typical Water Damage Restoration Problems In Lafayette

Anytime unwanted water enters your Lafayette home, a risk of damage to the building materials, your possessions and the indoor air quality is posed. Dangers Of Water Damage A leaky or burst pipe may seem only like an inconvenience, but water can do a lot of damage to your home if not cleaned up in […]

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When You Need A Water Damage Restoration Company In Lafayette

During the colder months in Lafayette, it is nice to have instant access to hot water for warm showers and baths (and dishes, and laundry, etc). Our water heaters are one of the most used appliances in our homes year round. The comfort and convenience provided by water heaters makes daily tasks possible, but when […]

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When Frozen Pipes Require Water Damage Cleanup

During colder months, pipes are prone to freezing. Not just outside pipes, but inside pipes can freeze if the proper precautions are not taken. When pipes freeze, the water and pressure inside expands causing pipes to burst open. When pipes freeze and burst, your property is exposed to a major water disaster that can cause […]

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Categories Of Water Damage

All water damage is stressful, but not all water damage catastrophes are the same. Different sources of water can cause different types of water damage, and each pose different health threats and requires different restoration techniques. At Restoration Pros, we want all homeowners in Lafayette to be aware of the 3 categories of water so […]

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Water Damage: 3 Reasons Why Immediate Action Is Necessary

When water damage happens in your home in Abbeville, the best thing you can do is initiate a quick response. Restoration Pros knows that water damage cleanup needs to begin right away before the damage gets spreads and gets worse. Here are three main reasons why water damage cleanup needs to begin right away.  Prevent […]

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6 Tips To Prevent Water Damage 

Water damage is the worst. Out of necessity, you have gallons and gallons of water flowing through your home every day and with one malfunction of a pipe or compromise of a minor structure, that water can do major damage to your home. Did you know that nearly 40% of homeowners say that they have […]

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Water Damage Signs: What To Look For

Hidden moisture and unseen water damage can be extremely dangerous to your Abbeville home and to your health. Some signs of water damage are easy to identify, while others are not as obvious. Here are some signs that we at Restoration Pros recommend you should look for if you suspect water damage in your home: […]

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Leading Culprits of Indoor Plumbing

Indoor flooding is one of the leading causes of water damage. Flood disasters can happen at any time and from a number of different sources in our Lafayette homes. We at Restoration Pros want you to take into consideration some of the leading culprits of indoor flooding so that we can be more proactive in […]

What Can You Expect From Professional Water Damage Restoration?

When you have suffered a broken pipe or flooded bathroom in your Lafayette home, don’t panic. Although it’s overwhelming, water damage experts work quickly and logically to lessen the damage, protect your health and get life back to normal. When you call a trustworthy water damage clean-up team like Restoration Pros, they will respond immediately […]

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Finding Reliable Help For Water Damage

Industry data shows that about 14,000 Americans experience water damage per day. And while about a third of homes will need support during a water emergency, usually most homeowners are unfamiliar with this problem. In other words, when you have an emergency you might not have an existing relationship with a water restoration team. Ask […]